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Be aware of your real profit

Be aware of your real profit - NEXTAR POS

To make sure that your store will grow, you need to monitor what happens. Even if you are unable to be in the store all day long, you need to be able to control and be aware of everything that happens. By using the cash register correctly, it is very easy to monitor sales, who is selling better and who is your best clients, check profit during a chosen period, etc. These will make your decisions much easier, to never let your business be vulnerable in a crisis period or a decrease in sales.

One of the biggest advantages of being a small business in comparison to the big retailers, is the fast decision-making. There is nothing better than good reports to help you in these moments. The NEXTAR POS Software provides reports for any period you desire to analyze, in a couple of clicks. Check it on the screen, export to Excel or print the report to have it on hands.

If you prefer to maintain your sales control and profits on Excel, you just need to export the reports or any kind of table to the .xml format, with a single command. You will be able to set the columns in the desired way, to better fit your need and preferences.

Do you want to take a quick look at the previous registers to check some information or transactions? On the cash register screen, the view is instantaneous and shows: opening and closing date, money inputs and outputs, opening and closing balances, cash register overage and shortage and users.

In order for all profit functionalities to be correct, you must define the sales price and cost of each product at the time of the complete registration. If you prefer, you can set an overall markup, the default markup.
Markup is the percentage to be added over the cost price to generate the sales price. For example, a markup of 50% on a product that costs $ 100.00, generates a sale price of $ 150.00.

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Real-time movement through the cash register

The routine of a trader is quite hectic, taking care of the inventory and relationship with the customer, as well as often managing your employees and analyzing reports, aiming the growth of the business. With so many things to do and check, you will need a way to make it easy to monitor. So NEXTAR is here to simplify, to help you with your daily routine! Track the movements in your cash register and transactions of your store in real time in person or wherever you are.

The "View total" button in the cash register menu, shows in real time all the information in the current register: financial summary, entries by payment, total sales by product or by category and all transactions performed.

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Avoid queues handling the cash register

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

No customer is happy while waiting for the shift of employees in the cash register. The agility in closing and opening the box will please you, but especially, your customer. Besides, register closure is always a vulnerable moment. The faster you close the cashier, the lower the chances of the money being exposed. The NEXTAR POS Software will help you reduce queues and even improve the security of your business!

The time to close or open a register can be slow and vulnerable. When you have a cash register for two employees, during the shift, customers wait and the queue increases. In the last cash register of the day, usually, the employee is alone and handling a large amount of money.

The NEXTAR POS Software offers features that simplify and speed up this closure by increasing security and decreasing queues. The money counter assists the employee in the final conference and eliminates the recount in cases of disruption.

To check the total of payments of the credit card, debit card or check, the summary by payment method will help to expedite the counting and checking of final values. You can easily get this information on the tab "Payment Methods". It can be exported to .xls and also printed with a single command or a couple of clicks.

With a simple information at the time of opening the cash register, the initial balance, it is easy to check if in the end o the day, the values are correct. If after the conference, the final balance does not match, the employee is notified in the screen automatically and can check if there is any transaction missing, recounting the money in the cash register.

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Separate cash registers by user

Dealing with money is a lot of responsibility, do you agree? To track the transactions of each employee, you can open and close as many boxes as needed on the same day. Thus, each employee will only be responsible for the actions taken in his / her work period. On the other hand, you will track the performance of each one separately. No confusion and with the smallest margin of error possible!

If you are not the only user of NEXTAR POS and need to control the actions of the employees, we offer two cash register identification options:

• By the access login, when the user is identified at the opening of the system and the access is by password 

• Alternatively, by extra identification at the cash register opening

The safest way is the first one, by the login. For this, just create a user and password for each employee. In this option, each employee must start and end his shift entering the system with his credentials.

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Cash register money withdrawal control

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

If you have a partner or other responsible for the daily withdrawals, you are going to enjoy the ease that NEXTAR POS provides.
With each cash register withdrawal, you can identify it in the "Comments" field the information you need.

In the "Comments" field of the "Money Output" button, the employee can justify that withdrawal in the way you define. For example, "supplier payment" or "withdrawal by the partner." That way, the control is more objective, and you can keep track of all payments made with cash from the cashier. At the end of the day, the final register report will inform all withdrawals and their justifications.

Never lose any information or have a doubt about any withdrawals. Whenever you need or have any doubts about values in your cash register, you can click on the "View Total" button and follow the inputs and outputs (cash withdrawal or insertion) of the currently open cash register.

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Simplified routine

Agility and simplicity are what the NEXTAR POS Software offers you. Rest assured, the control of all cash register transactions will literally be in your hands. In a single screen, you perform all the operations in moments and still accompany the daily performance of sales, withdrawals and cash supplies.

Have you ever entered any incorrect information during a sale or cash register transaction? On the current cash register screen, click the edit or cancel transaction button and you're all set! You will be able to edit the sale entirely, canceling items, changing the payment method and replacing the seller, to fix any mistake in a couple of clicks.

Generate current and previous cash register flow reports, check out payment methods, view all transactions and sales activity so far, make money inputs and outputs (insert and withdraw cash) and set up NEXTAR to send cash register reports by email. All this on a single screen.

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