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Nextar POS is a simple and affordable way to streamline your routine and gain control over operational tasks. Try it for free now. No credit card needed!

Plan: FREE

Basic Features

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Point of Sale

Start selling in just a few seconds with a clean and user-friendly interface. Track transactions, generate statistics and reports and more. Learn more.

Add Products

Add unlimited products and take advantage of tools to simplify your business routine. Exclusive Quick Add System where you can add products in seconds right from the checkout screen. Learn more

Inventory Management

Control your inventory! Track product flow, manage quantities and get advanced reports and more. Learn more.

Cash Register Control

Full control of your money. Register Opening and closing , money counter, history of previous registers, transactions list, receipts reprint and more. Learn more

Customer Accounts

Create as many customer accounts as you want. Track shopping behavior, issue store credit and refunds and more. Discover new ways strengthen your relationship with customers. 

Email Support

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Help Center

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Plan: PRO

US$ 15/month

The PRO plan allows you to use the NEXTAR Software  only in one machine (PC ).To use it as a network in more than one machine see the PREMIUM plan .

Advanced Features

Features that bring more safety, agility and detailing for the control of any business.

Debt Control

Sell on credit and offer customers extra incentives. This option is offered right after the sale. The balance goes directly to the customer's account where you can follow it closely.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer customers the option to use multiple payment methods for the same order. You can also add different payment methods to include gift cards, coupons and Paypal, for example.

Store Credit

Offer customers store credit instead of refunds or use it as a tool to increase customer satisfaction. Clients can redeem their store credit balance in exchange for products or use it to pay for purchases.

Use of Coil Printers

Print receipts on paper coils. Choose from a full selection of receipt templates for both standard and coil printers that can be customized with store logo and info.

Print Product Labels

Print custom labels for your products. Nextar POS comes with preformatted templates which you can add specific store information.


The Statistics dashboard will give you access to the information you need to manage all aspects of your business. Get a detailed transaction history, product flow information, customer statistics and much more.

Address and Delivery Tools

Set multiple addresses per customer; make easier the registration address using autofill the postal code; add the delivery address in the Sale and see the address and delivery route on the map.

User Management

Add new users and allow your employees or salespeople to use the system as you predetermine, with only the rights given to them. You can set access permissions for each one by creating a profile for your cash register and another for your salesperson, for example.

Chat Support

Our team is at your disposal to answer questions and solve any problem that you may have.


US$ 25/month

The Free and PRO plans allow you to use the NEXTAR POS Software only in one service terminal (computer).
To use it as a network in more than one computer check our PREMIUM plan:

Multiple Service Terminals

Features that bring more safety, agility and detailing for the control of any business

Multiple Service Terminals

run as many service stations as needed. Doing so gives you the ability to run as many checkout stations as needed, set a two-step selling process or send orders to be picked up by another department.

Take Order

Taking orders from customers is fast and easy. Items can be added to order and sent out to be printed in another department automatically. All orders remain parked until the customer pays for them.

Loyalty Program

Create a Rewards Program where customers can exchange points for products or discounts. Specify the “Earning and Spending Points” rules and design a Loyalty Program that suits your business.

Commission Control

Adjust commission rate and choose to base all commissions on Sales Price or Profit. Commissions are calculated instantly and can be checked at any time in your Dashboard.

Use of Precision Scales with Barcodes

Connect a precision scale to the system and speed up the checkout process. The amount sold is automatically deducted from the bulk so that you keep an organized and up-to-date inventory of your products.

Inventory Counting

Count your products on the date or period you want and apply the new quantity to your current inventory. This will help you maintain better control over your stock.

Live Chat Support

Contact us during business hours or schedule a support session with our agents after hours (check availability)
Weekends or dawn, Nextar POS is here to assist you when you need it.

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